George Papadapolous: I Was Respected In Prison Because Of My Ties To Trump


The former Trump campaign aide said he went to prison with "street cred" because of his connection to the president.

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos said this week that during his brief 12-day stint in prison for lying to the FBI, he was treated with respect thanks to his connection to President Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast reported that Papadopoulos told MSNBC host Ari Melber on Tuesday that he was treated as something of a celebrity and a “fighter,” as the prison was located solidly in “Trump country.”

Asked about his experience in jail, the former campaign aide — who said he is currently seeking a presidential pardon — responded:

“It was Trump country, OK. Oxford, Wisconsin, is Trump country, a population of 800 people. I think the federal minimum security camp I was at was one of the major jobs that people had at Oxford, Wisconsin. Quite frankly, I was treated excellent.”

Papadopoulos added that he “had some street cred” entering prison, meaning that inmates considered him “[a political celebrity] and as a fighter.”

“And that counts for street cred when you get into a place like that even though I was dealing with a lot of doctors, lawyers, businessmen involved in similar crimes like Paul Manafort or Michael Cohen,” Papadopoulos said. “So it wasn’t a dangerous place.”

The Daily Beast said Papadopoulos also said he was surprised by how clean his living conditions were in prison, saying it was “actually cleaner than my university dorm.”

The Trump ally said while he is seeking a pardon, he is also considering withdrawing the guilty plea he initially gave in the special counsel investigation, as he now believes he merely “misspoke to the FBI” rather than lied.

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