George Conway: Trump’s Name Deserves To Live In Infamy

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"We should only honor former presidents who uphold and sustain our nation’s enduring democratic values."

President Donald Trump deserved to be impeached and removed from office and should lose the November election in a landslide, George Conway wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post, but that should be only the start.

The name of this president who “endlessly,” shamelessly,” and incompetently lies and cheats “should live in infamy.”

  • Conway, a member of the conservative anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project and husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, wrote that Trump’s tweet suggesting the 2020 election be delayed “was a brazen effort to see if he can defraud his way into four more years in the White House.”

And why not try? After all, Trump has managed to swindle his way through life, on matters large and small, essential and trivial.

By The Post’s count, more than 20,000 falsehoods in 3½ years, on subjects ranging from his inaugural crowd size to the coronavirus, from conversations with foreign leaders to forecasts of a hurricane track. The untruths have accelerated, from five a day in early 2017 to nearly two dozen daily this year and last. With the coronavirus, his untruths have finally brought him down: No, concern about the virus wasn’t a “hoax.” No, the disease won’t just “disappear,” “like a miracle.” No, we’re not in a crisis because we’ve done so much testing. No, Trump hasn’t done a “great job” fighting the virus, and no, we’re not on the verge of a “tremendous victory” over it.

  • What little credibility the president had before taking office “is shot,” Conway wrote. Trump “stands on the verge of electoral oblivion” and is “capable of no response other than his lifelong mainstays: shamelessly lying and trying to cheat.”
  • Trump continues to lie about the security of mail-in voting and has gone so far as to suggest the presidential election be delayed, all in an effort to remain in office no matter the will of the people.
  • Trump’s “effort to sabotage a democratic system he swore to protect only confirms his unfitness for the job,” Conway wrote: “But it’s too late for impeachment now.”

Trump’s sanction must come at the polls, and beyond. For the sake of our constitutional republic, he must lose, and lose badly. Yet that should be just a start: We should only honor former presidents who uphold and sustain our nation’s enduring democratic values. There should be no schools, bridges or statues devoted to Trump. His name should live in infamy, and he should be remembered, if at all, for precisely what he was — not a president, but a blundering cheat.

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