Gallup: U.S. Party Preferences Have Swung Sharply Toward Democrats

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Since January, Democrats have come to enjoy a double-digit advantage in party affiliation.

American political party preferences have shifted significantly towards the Democratic Party since January, according to Gallup.

  • Results from monthly Gallup telephone polls in 2020 show a double-digit percentage advantage in favor of Democrats as roughly half of Americans identify as Democrats or Democratic-leaning, while 39 percent of Americans identify as Republican or Republican-leaning.
  • Though the Republican Party had an advantage early in the year, that switched dramatically starting in March as the nation began to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, and the Democratic advantage continued to grow in June following unrest related to the death of George Floyd.
  • While Democrats have typically held on average a five point advantage over Republicans since 1991, a double-digit advantage is fairly uncommon, Gallup reported.
  • The Democratic advantage has massive implications, as Election Day is a mere four months away, and President Trump’s approval rating continues to fall. 4
  • Axios noted that "Democrats last held an advantage of 10 points or more in January 2019 (51% to 39%), right after taking control of the House in a sweeping victory in the 2018 midterms."

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Written by Artivia Tahir.


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