Gallup: Trump Is Widely Hated Overseas, Even In Russia

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Global approval of U.S. leadership remains remarkably low under President Trump.

According to a new Gallup report, approval of U.S. leadership remains extraordinarily low under President Donald Trump.

The image of U.S. leadership fared worst in Europe, where people remain as disenchanted with U.S. leadership as they were in 2017. The 24% median approval rating in 2019 was unchanged from 2018 and essentially the same as the 25% rating in 2017. However, the median 61% who disapproved of U.S. leadership was a new high.

Ratings of U.S. leadership in Asia also remain near lows not seen since the George W. Bush administration. The median approval rating of 32% in 2019 was unchanged from the previous year, and not too different from the 30% rating in 2017.

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Link to tweet.


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