Gallup Poll Shows 52% Of Voters Support Trump's Impeachment, Removal


Public support for Trump's impeachment and removal has grown to 52 percent, according to Gallup.

Approval for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office continues to climb, reaching 52 percent of voters according to a recent Gallup Poll.

Breaking down those results along party lines, however, shows that Democrats are pushing the public meter toward impeachment: “Since June, Democrats' and independents' support for impeachment has grown, while Republicans' views have not changed,” Gallup noted.

Only 6 percent of Republicans are in favor of impeaching Trump at this stage of the process.

Gallup compared Trump’s numbers with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, finding that support for the current Commander-in-Chief’s removal is far ahead of Clinton and closing in on Nixon.

Support for Clinton’s impeachment capped at 35 percent in the months leading up to the Republican-controlled House’s vote to impeach him; and as for Nixon, public support for his removal had tripled to 58 percent between June 1973 and August 1974, when the embattled president resigned.

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