Gaetz: Trump’s Impeachment Defense Was Worse Than An ‘8th Grade Book Report'


Rep. Matt Gaetz said President Trump's impeachment defense was worse than "an 8th-grade book report."

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) admitted that President Donald Trump’s team of lawyers wasn’t what he was expecting and that his impeachment defense was worse than “an 8th-grade book report,” according to Raw Story

When asked about his opinion on the way the case is unfolding in the Senate, Gaetz said that the House presented it like it was going to be on “cable news,” a compliment from Gaetz rather than an insult. 

He then lamented that the White House presented their case more like “an 8th-grade book report.”

“Actually, no, I take that back,” he stopped, noting that an 8th grader would have used visual aids like PowerPoint and iPads. 

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