Gaetz Reportedly Getting Cold Shoulder From The White House Over War Powers Vote

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Rep. Matt Gaetz has fallen out of favor with the White House after voting for a resolution to curb Trump's power.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has long been a staunch defender of President Donald Trump, but the Florida Republican is being shut out from the White House after voting in favor of the House Democrats’ Iran War Powers resolution, according to The Washington Post.

The Post noted that “Trump fiercely complained about Gaetz after aides informed Trump that his office had sent the email backing the resolution, which was pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.),” adding that “Trump’s team lobbied heavily against the nonbinding resolution.”

Eric Ueland, head of legislative affairs for the White House, went so far as to single out Gaetz in a statement, saying: “The Trump administration was disappointed in the congressman’s vote and is hopeful that as the president’s foreign policy continues to unfold, he will reconsider his points of view.”

Until that time, it appears Gaetz will stay on the outs with the White House, The Post reported, indicating that the Republican currently is not welcome to engage the president.

“A senior White House official said it was ‘super uncool’ and ‘quite unwise’ for Gaetz to push for limits on the president’s authority. This person added that White House officials would not be returning Gaetz’s phone calls, text messages, ‘smoke signals or his kneelings in the snow,'” the newspaper reported.

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