Gaetz Accused Of Creating Game, Rewarded Legislators For Having Sex W/ Interns


U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz was accused of creating a game that rewarded legislators for having sex with various people.

Florida state Rep. Chris Latvala (R-Clearwater) accused U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) of founding a long-rumored sex game played among lawmakers in the Florida House, according to SunSentinel

The accusation came during a heated exchange on Twitter after Latvala tweeted a picture of himself next to conservative Al Sharpton and wrote, “It was an honor to meet @TheRecAl today.”

Gaetz then replied, “Sharpton has called cops ‘pigs,’ whites ‘interlopers,’ Greeks ‘homos’ and Jews ‘diamond merchants,’ so that is pretty disgusting.”

Latvala responded with a left hook: “And you created a game where members of the FL House got ‘points’ for sleeping with aides, interns, lobbyists, and married legislators. Hope DC is treating you well.”

Both Latvala and Gaetz have fathers who served in the Florida Senate and the two families have a long history of dislike. Gaetz served in the House from 2010 to 2016 before getting elected to Congress. Latvala was first elected to the House in 2014. 

The sex game in question was rumored to be in progress during the 2014 and 2015 sessions and was brought to public light in 2013 by Politico reporter Marc Caputo, who tweeted, “Hey ladies! Source: young male FL Reps have point-system contest for having sex: 1-lobbyist 2=staff 3=other legislator 6=married legislator.”

Caputo did not name the creator of the game and Gaetz -- a family values figure -- has denied having invented, participated in, or having any knowledge of the game to the Tampa Bay Times, which asked him about it Tuesday. 

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