Fusion GPS: Russians Were Murdered Following Steele Dossier Release


Fusion GPS claims that Russians were murdered following the public release of the document.

Following the revelation of Fusion GPS's Steele dossier, the document showing potential links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Russia set out on "an old fashioned purge", with suspected informants suspiciously dead or arrested.

This is according to the firm's founder, Glenn Simpson, via transcripts of his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee that were released in full last week.

When asked if one of his sources was killed, Simpson says: “That’s not my information. I mean there was a series of episodes where people were arrested or died mysteriously that came shortly after the disclosure of the existence of this information. And I do believe there was a bit of an old fashioned purge.”

He goes to say that he did not believe it was “anyone that helped us” but that it was more likely people “taking the opportunity to settle scores or were falsely accused,” and “were sources of the U.S. Intelligence Community, not us.”