French President To Award American Climate-Scientists With Grants

Screengrab/ Bloomberg / YouTube

The grants are named, “Make Our Planet Great Again”.

In light of the Trump administration's failure to treat climate change with the gravity it deserves, French President Emmanuel Macron is stepping up for U.S. climate scientists by offering all-expenses-paid grants to do their work in France.

The "Make Our Planet Great Again" grants are part of Macron's efforts to counter U.S. President Donald Trump on the climate change front. Macron announced a competition for the projects in June, hours after Trump declared he would withdraw the U.S. from the global accord reached in Paris in 2015 to reduce climate-damaging emissions.

Macron will be announcing the the first grant winners Monday at an event with Microsoft and smaller startups in Paris.

Monday's event is a prelude to a bigger climate summit Tuesday aimed at giving new impetus to the Paris accord and finding new funding to help governments and businesses meet its goals. More than 50 world leaders are expected in Paris for the "One Planet Summit," co-hosted by the U.N. and the World Bank. Trump was not invited.