Free College; How Ridiculous (Satire)

The downfall of the billionaires and big corporations.


How ridiculous. Can you imagine how many people would get educated, acquire skills, knowledge and expertise and then turn around and use that for innovation, productivity and to support their families? What would happen to people making a desperate effort to survive? What would happen to poverty, something that we rely on? What would happen to homelessness? What would happen if we didn't have high levels of stress and mental illness? Can you imagine what that would do to drug companies? What would happen if people would be intelligent voters? What would happen to our ability to manipulate people on the basis of "beliefs" instead of science?

Listen folks. We have to stop this nonsense in it's tracks. We have a good thing going now with gerrymandering, voter suppression, low wages and constant propaganda to continue these policies, and if we give this up, we billionaires, big corporations and our highly paid politicians will be screwed. We will never see another Trump.

If we are to keep people in desperation and therefore at our beck and call, we must stop Bernie Sanders and his movement, divide the Democrats and suppress the vote. Let's get to work.

(Billionaire Grassroots Movement) (HITRGC, satire)