Franklin Graham Refers To Melania As The "Classiest First Lady"

Melania Trump is the only first lady to have ever done a nude photoshoot.

In a “happy birthday” tweet to First Lady Melania Trump, Christian evangelist and CEO of Samaritan's Purse Franklin Graham called her “the classiest first lady our country has ever had.”

While it is unclear as to what Graham considers in his definition of “classy,” the ultra-conservative Christian clearly isn’t accounting for promescuity or modestness (though he apparently thinks that gay people need to “repent.”) Out of all of the First Ladies of the United States that this country has ever seen, she is the only one to have ever done a naked photoshoot.

In 2000, the FLOTUS featured in a series of British GQ photos completely naked, reclining on a fur blanket—in diamonds and handcuffs, of course. And though there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your birthday suit, Graham’s choice of calling a First Lady that once wore a jacket reading “I don’t really care” on her way to immigration facilities feels somewhat off-putting.