Fox’s “News Division” Passed On Biden/Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns

Screengrab / Rudy W. Giuliani / YouTube


Fox's news division would not run with the story until the veracity of the alleged Biden emails could be determined.

According to Mediaite, Rudy Giuliani approached Fox News with files he alleges came from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, but the network’s news division would not run the story until the veracity of the emails could be determined.

  • Giuliani ultimately took the material to the New York Post, which chose to run the story.
  • Both Fox News and the New York Post are owned by Trump-friendly media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
  • Mediaite reported that the Post “has been exhaustively covering the contents of the laptop — which include everything from emails regarding Hunter Biden’s work for a Ukrainian company to personal photos of the recovering addict — with each morsel being amplified in the conservative media world, including on Fox News’ top-rated opinion programs.”
  • However, “Fox’s News division has only been able to verify one email from the tranche leaked,” the outlet noted.
  • Mediaite wrote that “according to two sources familiar with the matter, the lack of authentication of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, combined with established concerns about Giuliani as a reliable source and his desire for unvetted publication, led the network’s news division to pass.”
  • Giuliani hinted in an interview with The New York Times that he took his material elsewhere before landing at the Post, saying “either nobody else would take it, or if they took it, they would spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.”

Concerns that Giuliani has been targeted by Russian intelligence to launder election misinformation about Biden raised more concerns about the reporting. According to the Washington Post, the U.S. intelligence community made that assessment last year, and went so far as to warn the president that Giuliani could be an unwitting conduit of false or manipulated claims, with the goal of sowing dissension and chaos in the 2020 election.

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