Fox’s Judge Napolitano Says Paul Manafort Is A Perfect Candidate For A Pardon

Judge Andrew Napolitano.Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Andrew Napolitano said Paul Manafort is a likely candidate for a presidential pardon, due to facing 20 years in prison.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday on Fox & Friends that Paul Manafort is a likely candidate for a presidential pardon, after acknowledging the former Trump campaign chairman could face 20 years in prison.

A judge ruled on Wednesday that Manafort had intentionally lied to special counsel Robert Mueller’s office after agreeing to cooperate with the investigation into Russian election interference, thereby breaking his plea deal and exposing Manafort to what essentially could be a life sentence.

Napolitano took issue with the way Manafort’s case was handled, as noted by Media Matters.

Asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade about Manafort’s situation, Napolitano said: “Here's what they did with Paul Manafort, I've never heard of this before: They had him testify before the same grand jury that indicted him, and then a federal judge found that he lied to that grand jury.”

Kilmeade noted that the judge did not find Manafort had lied on all five counts, after which Napolitano clarified it was only three of five alleged lies that were established.

“This tells me, A, he's exposed to more than 20 years in jail. That is so much jail time, he might very well be a candidate for a pardon,” Napolitano said. “And the public might accept the pardon.”

He added: “It also tells me, B, Mueller is still on the hunt.”