Fox Pundit: Barr Is ‘Blinded By Partisanship’ And That Should Frighten All Of Us

Screengrab/Fox Business/YouTube


Attorney General William Barr gave a speech to the Federalist Society last week that many found disturbing.

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov said on Monday that Attorney General William Barr is “blinded by his partisanship,” adding that this “should frighten all of us.”

According to RawStory, Tarlov was responding to remarks Barr made during a speech to the Federalist Society on Friday, where he said: “Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they called ‘The Resistance,’ and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver available to sabotage the functioning of his administration.”

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked Tarlov if she is “guilty as charged” on attempting to sabotage the president.

“No, I’m not guilty as charged,” she replied. “And it actually frightens me to see the top cop in the United States of America have such open disdain for, frankly, a majority of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton.”

Tarlov also revisited comments Barr made in an earlier speech, where he called out “progressive secularists” for “decaying of the moral fabric in society.”

“This man is blinded by his partisanship,” she declared. “And the way that he speaks about a majority of Americans should frighten all of us.”

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