Fox News: The Market Is Down Today Because Wall Street Loves Bernie Sanders

Screengrab / Fox Business / Youtube

A Fox News guest claimed that Wall Street reacts not to Trump's trade policies, but to Sanders' opinion of them.

Former U.S. International Trade Commission chief economist Peter Morici appeared on the May 6 segment of Fox News’ Fox & Friends claimed that stock brokers on Wall Street react to what Bernie Sanders and The Wall Street Journal think of President Donald Trump’s foreign and economic policies, not to the policies themselves.

“You have to remember, New York City is the epicenter of liberal Democratic thinking,” he said. “So, you know, if President Trump says something like this and Bernie Sanders says it's bad or, you know, The Wall Street Journal says it's bad, they are going to take that cue and the market's going to go down.”

He suggested that the market reacts almost entirely to how Democrats like Sanders judge Trump’s policies, and the “the market is going to take a hit” every time a liberal source criticizes Trump’s actions.

Watch the full clip here.