Fox News: Steve Mnuchin Heard Trump Call Four-Star Generals “Losers” &“Babies”

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks / Public Domain


Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin said she confirmed that Mnuchin was in the room when Trump made the remarks.

Despite pushback from President Trump and the White House, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has doubled down on her reporting about Trump’s disparaging remarks toward U.S. veterans and soldiers who have died in war, "adding that Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin was in the room with the president when he disparaged four-star generals."

From Mediaite:

Griffin reported Mnuchin was at the Tank meeting in the Pentagon on July 20, 2017, when Trump allegedly called four-star generals “losers,” “dopes,” and “babies”– calling his claim to have never heard the president speak that way “patently false.”

“I confirmed with people who were present at the meeting that the president used those exact words in a meeting at the Pentagon,” she said. “I also circled back with my sources this weekend that confirmed that the president did not go, or did not want to go to the Aisne-Marne cemetery in France to honor the American war dead when he could no longer fly by helicopter and that one of the president’s favorite words that he uses when he’s angry is ‘loser.'”


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