Fox News ‘Rabbi’ Blames Atheists And Secularists For Synagogue Attack

Interfaith leaders hold a vigil in Pittsburgh after the deadly shooting at Tree of Life synagogue.Screengrab / Washington Post / Youtube


Benjamin Sendrow argued that the decreasing importance of religion is causing the increasing rate of hate crimes.

A rabbi who made an appearance on Fox News on Sunday attributed the recent increase in hate crimes to the rise of secularism and atheism in both the United States and the entire world, The Raw Story reports.

Host Leland Vittert asked Shaarey Tefilla Congregation Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow if he believed that anti-Semitism is “making a resurgence” in the U.S.

“There are more anti-Semitic acts, that’s undeniable,” Sendrow said. “I maintain that America is not a racist, nor an anti-Semitic society. The percentage of bad actors is infinitesimally small. But we know all too well that it only takes one bad actor to wreak havoc on a community.”

Vittert noted that there appears to be a rise in violent acts at “religious centers over the last couple of months or so.” He asked the rabbi what he thought was “happening in the world.”

“I believe that at least a piece of it is the decline in adherence to religious values and an adoption of secular values,” Sendrow responded.

He added quickly that “not every secularist is a potential mass murderer.”

“But I think that there is a sickness in the soul of our society, and I believe that a symptom of that is our decline in religiosity as a society.”

Watch the clip here.

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Considering the fact that it is the religious believers who commit most of the mass murders - and do it in the name of their imaginary gods....

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The racists among us have been given leave to come out of their closets and make themselves known. The Southern Baptists are the largest denomination in the US. They were founded to promote the cause of slavery. Sadly, that says exactly who we are. 😪

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