Fox News Published Digitally Altered And Misleading Images Of Seattle Protests

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Fox News reportedly photoshopped an image of an arm man into photos and included a scene from the wrong city.

Fox News reportedly published digitally altered and misleading images on Friday, giving viewers of its website homepage an inaccurate depiction of a largely peaceful demonstration in Seattle, CNN reported.

  • The images made “a group of largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters [who] have occupied six city blocks” seem violent and dangerous, according to the news outlet.

  • One image on the website “showed a protester running past a burning vehicle and building with the headline ‘CRAZY TOWN’ blaring across the website”; however, despite accompanying a story about Seattle, the photo was taken last month in Minnesota.

  • Other photos depicting the scene in Seattle included the digitally added image of a man armed with an assault rifle.

  • Fox News removed the images after The Seattle Times noted the discrepancies.

  • The conservative-leaning network directed CNN “on Saturday morning to an editor's note that was appended to stories the network published with the misleading images.”

"A home page photo collage which originally accompanied this story included multiple scenes from Seattle's 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' and of wreckage following recent riots," the note read. "The collage did not clearly delineate between these images, and has since been replaced. In addition, a recent slideshow depicting scenes from Seattle mistakenly included a picture from St. Paul. Fox News regrets these errors."

  • In a statement to The Seattle Times, Fox News said: "We have replaced our photo illustration with the clearly delineated images of a gunman and a shattered storefront, both of which were taken this week in Seattle's autonomous zone.”

The Seattle Times, however, reported that the statement was inaccurate. The newspaper pointed out that "the gunman photo was taken June 10, while storefront images it was melded with were datelined May 30 by Getty Images."

CNN noted that right-wing media have attempted to portray the situation in Seattle as menacing, writing: “While there have been some sightings of armed individuals, the area has remained largely peaceful with people gathering for food, speeches, and movie screenings.”

The narrative that took hold this week in right-wing circles was one in which armed members of Antifa seized a section of Seattle. City officials have said they have not interacted with members of Antifa, a network of loosely affiliated groups that have a history of violently clashing with right-wing organizations.

"It's not an armed takeover," Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said on CNN Thursday night. "It's not a military junta."

President Trump reportedly has jumped on board with the conservative narrative, CNN reported, “calling the protesters ‘domestic terrorists’ and threatening to use federal force to clear them out of the area.”

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