Fox News Host Mocks Democrats For Adhering To FDA Warnings On Hydroxychloroquine

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"These same people, right, they're going to Whole Foods, they're getting these little healing crystals."

Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested on Tuesday that liberals and Democrats should be fine with using the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients despite warnings from the medical profession because they use plenty of other drugs.

Media Matters shared his exchange with co-host Greg Gutfeld.

  • Watters asked Gutfeld: “[W]hen did the liberal media get so uptight about drugs all of a sudden?”

  • He continued, asserting that “these people push medical marijuana on the entire country” and pointed to “Silicon Valley's micro-dosing.”

  • In Watters’ mind, the use of other drugs or openness to experimental treatments in general means liberals must only be politically-motivated in their criticism of pushing hydroxychloroquine — which has shown evidence of dangerous side effects.

  • The host continued: “I mean, are you kidding me? I would love to see what some of these people hating on [President Donald] Trump right now have their doctors prescribing them. Little blue pills? Botox, as you said? I mean, what else? Diet pills?”

  • Watters also accused the Left of another type of hypocrisy: “So, I thought we weren't supposed to get in the middle of a doctor-patient relationship, right? That was the whole point. These people are pro-choice, right? Your body, your decision, right? That's what it's supposed to be.”

  • Before ending with a short rant about Trump’s “perfect health,” Watters offered a caricature of Democrats: “And these same people, right, they're going to Whole Foods, they're getting these little healing crystals. They're rubbing the CBD oil all over their foreheads. You know, with like their juice cleanses and they're worried about FDA approval? I mean, really? You're really worried about FDA approval? You people?”

Watters correctly asserted that hydroxychloroquine “is approved by the FDA under emergency circumstances under the close supervision of medical professionals” for treating COVID-19.

However, he failed to acknowledge that numerous conservatives and Republicans have pushed the drug as both a treatment and preventative measure when there exists scant proof of the medication’s efficacy and, further, have often brushed aside the matter of its side effects.

Many who initially promoted the drug have backed off after the FDA’s warning “that the drug could cause serious heart problems for coronavirus patients, studies questioning its efficacy and a series of regulations from states and medical boards restricting its use.”

Watch the Watters clip here.


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