Fox News Host Lobbied Trump Privately For Pardon Of Alleged U.S. War Criminal

Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

According to the New York Magazine, Fox & Friends host Peter Hegseth has been meeting privately with President Donald Trump for months in an attempt to convince the president to pardon American soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes. One of the alleged criminals who will likely receive a presidential pardon is Navy SEAL platoon leader Edward Gallagher, whose trial for indiscriminately shooting unarmed civilians and killing a teenage ISIS captive is scheduled for May 28.

Hegseth allegedly pushed Trump that Gallagher has been subject to “very unfair” treatment and fought for the president to pardon him in addition to other accused war criminals.

And it appears that the Fox News host’s lobbying attempt has been going successfully. The president has recently described the way in which Gallagher has been treated as “total bullshit.”

Hegseth, who once hit a West Point drummer with a throwing axe on live television by accident, has expressed his opinion that military rules are too restrictive multiple times on Fox & Friends over the past several months.

“These guys make tough calls in moments for most people have never been a part of in their life,” he said in February. “And then folks in suits in Washington, D.C., they throw paper at them and accuse them of things.”

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