Fox News Host Defends Trump’s ‘Executive Time’, Calls It “A Lot Like Work”

Fox News host Martha McCallum.Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Martha McCallum defended President Trump's extensive "executive time", saying "it sounds a lot like work."

Business Insider has reported that a Fox News Host, Martha MacCallum has defended Trump’s “executive time” in his schedule.

On Sunday, Trump’s schedule from November 2018 to February 2019 was leaked. The schedule revealed that Trump is spending an enormous amount of time- up to five hours a day- on “executive time.” Trump reportedly uses this time to watch the news on TV, tweet, and make phone calls.

On Monday, Fox News’ “The Story” host, Martha MacCallum responded to the leak of the schedule. She said, “What struck me, when I read it was that it sounds a lot like work.”

MacCallum continued, “I mean, he’s reading the papers. He does watch a lot of television, he admits that. He watches tons of news, he watches probably every cable news channel during the day, and you can make what you want of that.”

"But speaking to members of Congress, reacting to policy, calling people, to me it sounds like he's sitting in the residence doing similar work to what he might be doing in the Oval Office."

She added a comment on the new culture of working remotely. "I think a lot of Americans sort of understand that the lifestyle has kind of changed in the world in terms of where people do their work."

Two days prior to the leak of his schedule, Trump spoke to the New York Times and said, "I get up early in the morning and I turn on television. And I do. But I don't turn it on very much because I really read the papers much more than I watch the television, O.K.?"

Howie Kurtz appeared with MacCallum and called the schedule “a heat-seeking missile of a leak” which was solely designed to embarrass Donald Trump.”

Kurtz continued “Who cares how he runs his schedule, as long as he gets things done?”

Madeleine Westerhout, Trump’s Director of Oval Office Operations, tweeted, “What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules. What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday.”

The leaked schedule does differ from the schedule published by the White House.