Fox News Host Attacks Women Who Choose To Abort Dying Fetuses

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Rather than show empathy toward women whose pregnancies fail late term, Katie Pavlich attacked those choosing abortion.

Over the weekend, Katie Pavlich claimed that women had “recreational abortions” when abortions were being performed in the third trimester of pregnancy. According to RawStory, the conversation was surrounding the recent move by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in allowing late-term abortions.

“You know, there are some reasons that we will end a pregnancy in the first trimester or other reasons in the second trimester, but there’s absolutely no reason to end a pregnancy so that the child dies in the third trimester.” -Dr. Omar Hamada on Fox News

For Pavlich’s statements, she described late-term abortions as a thoughtless choice by women, and not one which is accompanied by a lot of pain and suffering.

While 99% of abortions occur in the first 21 weeks of pregnancy, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that there are reasons a woman might be forced to terminate in the third trimester.

“Abortions that occur at this stage in pregnancy are often the result of tragic diagnoses and are exactly the scenarios wherein patients need their doctors, and not obstructive politicians,” Stanford Dr. Jennifer Conti told the Guardian. “Asking a woman to carry a fatally flawed pregnancy to term is, at the very least, heartbreaking. I’ve often heard women say that they chose to end such pregnancies because of unselfish reasons: they couldn’t bear the thought of putting their fetus through even more pain or suffering.”

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