Fox News Doctor: Trump Plan To Pack RNC Convention Amid Pandemic Is “Not Smart”

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Trump threatens to relocate the GOP convention site if North Carolina Governor will not allow full attendance.

According to Fox News, President Trump warned Monday that the Republican National Convention (RNC), which has been planned for the week of August 24th in Charlotte, North Carolina, may be moved to a new site if full attendance is not allowed.

  • Trump complained on Twitter, commenting that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) is in “Shutdown mood & unable to guarantee that by August we will be allowed...full attendance in the Arena.”

  • Cooper’s spokesperson responded, saying that state health officials are working with the RNC and “will review its plans as they make decisions about how to hold the convention in Charlotte.”

Fox News Doctor Nicole Saphier warned on Monday that Trump’s desire to “fully occupy” the RNC is “definitely not” a good idea amid the pandemic.

  • Saphier told a Fox News panel that Trump’s threat to relocate the convention out of North Carolina was not an appropriate way to deal with a public health crisis.
  • She said, “Yesterday North Carolina reported their highest single day increase to date...if they’re following that White House blueprint that was put forth by experts then they’re not ready to say that they’re going to be able to accommodate 50,000 people in indoor settings come end of August.”
  • “We can’t just go back to the business of usual, we’re going to pack everyone in like a herd of cows, and then potentially be transmitting this because then you have schools starting,” the doctor continued.

Putting a large number of people together in an indoor area is not going to be a smart decision, and Saphier explained that another outbreak of COVID-19 could delay school openings in the fall.

Read the Fox News report here.

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Gosh. That could sicken and/or kill a whole bunch of Republicans! Is that what he wants?

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