Fox News Commentator Caught Laughing On Hot Mic As Trump Slurs During NJ Rally

Screengrab/Fox News/Twitter


President Trump struggled to say "sheltering criminals" during his Tuesday rally, and one Fox commentator seemed amused.

During Fox News’ live coverage of President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in New Jersey on Tuesday night, one of the network’s commentators was caught on a hot mic chuckling as Trump began slurring his words.

According to RawStory, at some point during Trump’s lengthy rant, the president turned to the topic of immigration and attempted to say “sheltering criminals.” But the words did not leave his mouth correctly — as seems to happen with some frequency — and he abandoned course to offer a new thought.

The Fox commentator could be heard laughing immediately after Trump slurred through the word “criminals,” and then the network abruptly cut away from the president’s rally.

RawStory noted that this is far from the first time Trump has struggled to get his words out during a speech, highlighting the numerous times he slurred or misspoke during his Iran speech a few weeks ago.

Further, the tell-all book published last year by an anonymous White House official claimed that Trump frequently slurs his words and “genuinely doesn’t remember important facts.”



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