Fox Legal Analyst: John Bolton Was A ‘Conservative Icon Until Two Days Ago’

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“Now the things they’re saying about him, it sounds like they’re talking about Nancy Pelosi."

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano unleashed on Republicans this week after many turned on former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who the judge said was a “conservative icon until two days ago.”

According to HuffPost, Napolitano appeared on Fox Business to defend Bolton, who for 11 years was also a contributor on the network before joining the White House.

Napolitano noted that Bolton used to work at Fox News and said he was “very intelligent, strong-willed, meticulously honest person.”

At that point, the former judge highlighted that Bolton was well-loved by conservatives until a couple of days ago, adding: “Now the things they’re saying about him, it sounds like they’re talking about Nancy Pelosi. But he has come out with something that goes to the core of the case.”

Napolitano’s reference was to President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and leaked revelations from Bolton’s new book, which did not reflect well on the president.

Bolton’s “account alleges that the president tied the release of congressionally approved Ukraine aid to that country’s government opening an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter” — effectively confirming the core charges Democrats have leveled against him.

Trump allies, displeased with the latest development, have taken to attacking Bolton as a backstabber, and the president himself has repeatedly lashed out at his former national security adviser on Twitter.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went so far as to call Bolton “a tool for the radical [Democrats] and the deep state,” HuffPost noted.

Napolitano said Trump’s defense team made a poor choice in opting to argue the facts of the case rather than simply insist that the offense is not impeachable — an opinion with which Napolitano said he disagrees.

“Now that this witness at the core of everything who had personal conversations with just the president has come forward with a version 180 degrees from theirs, I think they’re stuck with this,” he said. “I think many Republicans are now going to say, ‘We have to hear from Bolton.’”

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