Fox Knew Of Allegations Against Tucker Carlson Before His Pre-Planned Vacation

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The network said Tucker Carlson is still employed and that the allegations had nothing to do with his vacation.

Fox News had reportedly known about sexual harassment claims against Tucker Carlson before the network host announced he would be going on a long vacation, according to Salon.

  • Jennifer Eckhart and Cathy Areu have made claims of rape and sexual harassment by Fox News’ most prominent figures, including Ed Henry and Sean Hannity in addition to Carlson.
  • A Fox News spokesperson has confirmed that that the allegations are being investigated and added:

“Tucker is still employed, and this has zero to do with his vacation, which was legit and pre-planned.”

  • Salon reported that “Carlson made the announcement on his first show after the network was informed of the pending lawsuit,” and “[Michael J. Willemin, an attorney who along with veteran sexual misconduct litigator Doug Wigdor represents the two women] claimed that the network had already known for two weeks that he and Wigdor were representing the women.”
  • While Tucker has been achieving the highest cable news ratings in history, he has also recently been the subject of an IRS complaint and an ongoing high profile defamation lawsuit.
  • Areu, once a frequent guest of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” claimed that Carlson invited her to his hotel room, clarifying that his wife would not be present, and then began to cut her appearances on his show after she refused.
  • Eckhart alleges that she was raped and experienced other forms of sexual violence at the hands of the since fired co-anchor of “America’s Newsroom” Ed Henry. Areu has also filed claims against Hannity and “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz.

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