Fox: If Beto Is Anti-Wall Why Does He Use Crowd Control Barriers At Live Events?


It makes no sense that Beto O’Rourke would be against President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the southern U.S. border when the former Texas congressman is fine with fencing around his stage at campaign events, Fox News’ chief national correspondent said on Thursday.

Media Matters reported that speaking on Fox & Friends, Ed Henry referenced O’Rourke’s El Paso rally that took place the same day as the president’s own rally in the city in February, saying that Trump likely chose the Democrat’s “backyard” intentionally in an effort to “to knock Beto out [of the presidential race] early.”

But Henry went on to note what he considered two interesting things about O’Rourke that came to light after the event: “One, Beto O'Rourke had this fencing around the stage where he was and everything and it's like OK, so you need a fence and security and all that around you, but you don't want a border wall.”

And secondly: “remember, he did an interview after all of that in which he said, ‘I don't just want to oppose new wall, I want to tear down what's there.’ Tearing down what Barack Obama supported, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, basically. He wants to go further extreme to the left on the wall than anybody else in this race. That's going to be hard in middle America.”

According to CNN, O’Rourke said in February that he “absolutely” would take down the wall in El Paso if he could, arguing that it had not made the community any safer, pointing to violent crime rates as proof.

He accused conservatives of stoking fear and anxiety in Americans over the issues and offered that the U.S. can be made safer by "treating people with dignity and respect -- not militarizing communities, not adding even more to the $20 billion a year that we're spending on border security."

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