Fox Hostess: Democrats Admitted That They Regularly Perform Post-Birth Abortions

Ainsley Earhardt claimed that Democrats back laws that permit doctors to "kill the baby after it's born."

Fox News’s Ainsley Earhardt falsely claimed that Democrats support and practice infanticide during Monday’s Fox and Friends interview with Georgia Senator David Perdue.

"It backfired on those Democrats when they all said you can have an abortion even after the baby's born, or kill the baby after it's born," Earhardt said.

Perdue replied that it is “ironic” that activists choose to pay attention to the recent Georgia law prohibiting abortion upon detection of the fetal heartbeat and not to pro-“infanticide” laws passed in Democrat-led states.

“Nobody’s even talking about what has just been passed in the state by the Democrats. I mean, that is outrageous. Infanticide is where they have gotten to. This regime on their side has gotten so radical that they think that’s okay.”

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L'ami de Pierre
L'ami de Pierre

Ainsley, like Traitor Trump himself, and her trashy colleagues at Faux Entertainment, is a pathological liar spreading bullsh*t lies. The dumb, damaged, abused women republicans who watch this garbage are only permitted to think what their knuckle-dragging, neanderthal menfolk tell them to think, so they fall for this crap.