Fox Host: Paid Vacation, Health Insurance, Minimum Wage Are "All Anti-Business"

Brian Kilmeade lamented anti-business policies like mandatory paid time off for employees and a livable wage.

Fox & Friends took on the topic of socialism Tuesday morning to straighten the record for Americans who are failing to grasp what the term truly means, and according to co-host Brian Kilmeade, socialism apparently involves any policy that could be perceived as anti-business.

Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Kilmeade to discuss the left's misunderstanding of true socialism, which Goodwin recently wrote in the Post is not the "Scandinavian-style socialism in nations like Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden."

Support for the movement is bolstered by the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who Goodwin said takes advantage of grievances among Americans as income inequality widens by stoking the sentiment of "take some of theirs, they have too much."

And where does this lead? Kilmeade explained that it leads to anti-business policies such as providing mandatory paid time off and higher wages.

"Look at Los Angeles, look at New York City. Look at how it's deteriorating," Kilmeade said. "And what do they have? Now they're going to give people mandatory ten-day paid vacation, mandatory health insurance for everybody, including illegals...and mandatory minimum wage."

"It's all anti-business," he lamented, adding it only seems pro-worker "on the surface."