Fox Host: Medicare For All Is Dangerous. Remember Eugenics?

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“More government control over your health? We’ve been there. It's called the eugenics movement."

The co-hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered waded into a debate on Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s universal healthcare plan this week, touting the usual criticisms like raising taxes to pay for such a program.

But Dagen McDowell took the discussion to a whole new level of ridiculousness by implying that Americans would be in danger if the government became more involved in healthcare.

“More government control over your health? We’ve been there,” she said. “It’s called the eugenics movement, where there was the forced sterilization of the mentally disabled, up until 1979.”

“Think about the power that you’re handing to the federal government,” McDowell added.

She made no mention of the fact that millions of Americans access healthcare through the federal government via Medicaid without eugenics playing a role.

Watch here.

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Fox, Dagen McDowell, are you that stupid or just the listeners you are spewing nonsense to?


What an ignorant person...

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