Fox Host: If Trump Told Cohen To Break The Law, Then Trump Didn’t Commit A Crime

If Michael Cohen was acting on orders from Donald Trump, "then that basically clears the president," the Fox host said.

Fox & Friends co-host Melissa Francis claimed on Friday that President Donald Trump is in no legal jeopardy regarding hush-money payments made to women during his 2016 presidential campaign, because he told his attorney, Michael Cohen to do it.

“[Cohen] says that the president directed him to [violate campaign finance laws],” Francis said, according to Media Matters. “If that's true, then that basically clears the president, because he used his own money in order to do this. Which, you're allowed to spend as much money on your campaign as you want.”

This is wrong on multiple fronts, but at its most basic, anyone involved in a criminal conspiracy can be criminally charged with the crime of conspiracy.

If Fox’s legal analysis was right, then mob bosses wouldn’t go to prison.

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This is like saying Hitler was not doing the killing during WWII, he was only giving the orders, not following them.