Fox Host Defends Right Wing Militia That Held Asylum-Seekers At Gunpoint

Screengrab / Fox Business News / Youtube

Stuart Varney said he can “understand” why a militia would feel compelled to detain asylum-seekers at gunpoint.

On the April 19 segment of Fox Business's Varney & Co., host Stuart Varney said that he "can understand" why armed citizen groups are detaining migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border at gunpoint.

“Look, I have to think that this is rather dangerous and troubling,” he said. “This smacks of vigilantism but I can understand it.”

His guest, former border patrol chief Mark Morgan, responds in agreement with Varney. He says that "from a law enforcement perspective this is a bad thing"—that untrained, armed citizens are assuming the role of law enforcement officials.

Nonetheless, the two agreed that border patrol agents "feel like they have no choice" but to accept help from American citizens who detain asylum seekers, who overwhelmingly surrender to agents peacefully and unarmed, before alerting officials.

On Saturday morning, the leader of the United Constitutional Patriots, the militia group in question, was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Watch the full clip here.