Fox Host Blames Video Games For Latest School Shooting

Fox News host Jon Scott.Screengrab/Senator Jim Inhofe/YouTube

Fox News host Jon Scott joined the chorus of voices that blame video games for school shootings.

Fox News’ Happening Now host Jon Scott and his guest believe violent video games and lax parenting are to blame for school shootings, such as the latest incident which occurred in Texas Friday morning and resulted in the deaths of several people.

Scott questioned how society can remedy the problem of children who "spend so much time in front of their television screens with some of these very violent and realistic video games”, saying it must be addressed but wondering “how do you police that kind of thing?"

“The parents need to police that. We can’t expect the police or the government to continuously monitor everything that’s going on,” was the response of Steve Rogers, former member of the FBI joint terrorism task force. “Parents need to step up and be part of the solution.”

Rogers said while he was out to Mother’s Day dinner with his wife and mother, he saw families coming in whose children were “on their Mother’s Day dinner, they’re playing these violent games”.