Fox Host: Americans Voted For Trump So They Could Have ‘Normal’ Light Bulbs

nikki mccann ramírez on Twitter
nikki mccann ramírez on Twitter

“Fox Host claims disgruntled Americans elected Trump so they "could have normal light bulbs"”


President Trump has complained more than once that energy-efficient light bulbs make him appear orange.

In this clip, Fox Nation’s Tammy Bruce claims Trump supporters voted for President Donald Trump because they wanted “normal” light bulbs. Trump claims that newer, more energy-efficient light bulbs make him appear orange.

Trump wants to bring back less energy-efficient light bulbs because he claims they make him look normal.

Late last year, the Trump administration announced it would block a rule intended to phase out the use of incandescent light bulbs and require that Americans shift to energy-efficient options, The New York Times reported.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said at the time of the announcement that the rule was unnecessary and Trump sought “to protect consumer choice by ensuring that the American people do not pay the price for unnecessary overregulation from the federal government.”

The president also apparently seeks to protect his own skin tone.

Watch the Fox News exchange:


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