Fox Hires Sarah H. Sanders, A Perfect Fit For The Network


As press secretary, Sarah Sanders was known for her hostility toward the press and willingness to lie for the president.

In breaking yet unshocking news, former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is joining Fox News as a contributor, according to Media Matters for America.

Sanders’ stint as press secretary — she was the third person to fill the role — was characterized by criticism over her manner in dealing with reporters and apparent willingness to lie for the Trump administration.

Now, she is headed to a news organization that regularly deals in animosity toward the mainstream press and endlessly defends President Donald Trump.

Sanders was known to dodge interviews with news outlets other than Fox, where she frequently made appearances and was thrown softball questions.

The former administration officials move to the network only serves to further evidence that Trump and Fox News are merging into one: “Former White House communications director Hope Hicks, Sanders’ former deputy Raj Singh, and several other former Trump administration aides have similarly jumped to the network or its parent company, while at least 17 current or former administration members had Fox on their resumes.”

At the end of the day, Sanders’ move to the network makes sense. As Media Matter’s noted: “Even at the White House, she was already effectively a Fox News contributor.”

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