Fox Guest: The Shutdown Shows "How Nonessential A Lot Of These Workers” Are

Heather Higgins, CEO of Independent Women's Voice.Screengrab/Fox Business/YouTube

Heather Higgins of Independent Women's Voice suggested many furloughed federal workers are essentially unnecessary.

On Friday, Heather Higgins appeared on Fox News to discuss the effects of the government shutdown on its 35th day. The CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, a conservative non-profit which advocates for policies that “actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities” claimed that many federal workers were not that affected by the shutdown.

In her commentary, Higgins claimed that the shutdown made more Americans aware of “how nonessential a lot of these nonessential workers actually are.” She also that the media was responsible for driving false stories about 800,000 employees having to go to food banks. For Heather Higgins, government workers are experiencing hard times but for the sake of border security, which has largely been pushed by President Trump on Twitter.

“You're not seeing that much sympathy among the average American because, if you look at the data, the average government worker's compensation is significantly more and arguably up to roughly twice what it is for the average American worker” -Heather Higgins

According to a recent study in November, the average salaries of federal employees actually lag by about 31 percent behind those in the private sector. However, these findings were also contested by conservatives, who claim that the benefits of federal employees are about equal to private sector workers.