Fox Guest Attacks Joe Biden Over Childhood Stutter

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“Haven’t we heard enough stuttering Vice President Joe Biden?”

Fox News guest Tony Katz mocked former Vice President Joe Biden over his childhood stutter during a Tuesday appearance, saying if mics are muted in the upcoming presidential debate, “All you'll hear is a stuttering Vice President Joe Biden.”

“Haven’t we heard enough stuttering Vice President Joe Biden?” Katz added. “Is this really the imagery the Democratic Party wants to put out there?”

His comments came after Katz was asked about the new debate rule that will see each candidate’s mic muted for two minutes while the other answers a question.


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This is a typical attack by a Trimpist. There is nothing substantive to attack Joe Biden on, so they’ll focus on a childhood stutter.
We can all play dirty in that game, but Biden supporters are respectful, reserved. We support Joe on his strengths, on his which just happens to be largely overcoming a childhood stutter.
Whoever decided to pounce on the stuttering issue should be ashamed of the self. Oops, I forgot. This is the Trump campaign we’re dealing with.


What else would you expect from a Trump Chump? Cheap shots are all they have. Pathetic clowns

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