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In a July 14 appearance on Fox News’sIngraham Angle, former California public school teacher Rebecca Friedrichs claimed that California teachers union’s demands to hold online learning in the fall instead of in-person learning is not couched in health concerns but instead is part of an effort to “sexualize” children and “groom” them for “predators.”

Friedrichs said,

The unions are using the closure of our schools as a smokescreen. Laura, here's why. Sadly, these unions are actually using our schools to sexualize our children and to train them in anti-American ideology. They do this with a coalition of over 180 organizations, including, sadly, the CDC, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter incorporated.

It is shocking what they're teaching our children online through virtual learning. They are teaching our children to sext, to view pornography. They are hooking them up with online sex experts. So, what they are doing is grooming our children for sexual predators to use them. This is child abuse. I have an editorial about this tomorrow online in the Washington Times, people can read and learn all the details.

This is one of the big reasons that unions want to keep our schools closed. Because they can't sneak these evil lessons past loving teachers who have no idea by keeping them virtual.

  • Friedrichs provides no additional evidence or explanation for her accusations.
  • Ingraham mentions a Santa Barbara friend whose child’s school had mandatory “human life” curriculum, but she does not directly explain the relevance of her remark or go into any detail about whether or not this curriculum allegedly “sexualizes” students.
  • The Washington Times editorial that Friedrichs claimed would have “all the details” also offers no explanation about these comments.
  • The editorial instead criticizes the 1619 Project, a New York Times undertaking that presents a history of American slavery and claims that “No aspect of the country… has been untouched by the years of slavery that followed” the arrival of slaves on the North American continent in 1619.
  • The 1619 Project has faced some specific criticism from American historians for one of its essays claiming too broadly that protecting the institution of slavery was a “primary” reason for colonists to undertake the American Revolution. However, the Project has since issued an update that adjusts its claim to be that perpetuating slavery was “one of the primary reasons [for] some of the colonists” to support the Revolution (emphasis added).
  • Historians have not criticized the 1619 Project for “sexualizing” children.

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