Fox & Friends: School Shooting Victims Were ‘Emotional’, ‘Illogical'

Host Brian Kilmeade told the NRA's Dana Loesch that "no one had it worse" than her at CNN's recent town hall on guns.

Thursday morning on Fox & Friends, National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch and the show's hosts discussed Loesch's experience at a recent CNN town hall where she was confronted by survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, as well as parents who lost children in the attack.

But rather than empathize with those who personally experienced the horror of living through a mass shooting, the hosts apparently perceived Loesch as the victim.

During an interview with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, [Brian] Kilmeade told her, “No one had it worse than you in that town hall where people were just so emotional, illogical — they were unconsolable [sic].”

While Kilmeade may view Loesch as the real victim, 17 people were killed during the shooting, and the town hall featured commentary and questions from survivors and family members of those who were murdered.

Host Steve Doocy offered support to Loesch on the idea of arming teachers, an idea that received boos during the CNN town hall.

“Dana, I think we’re all on board with you that the schools should be hardened,” host Steve Doocy said. “And the president has been talking about, you know, maybe we do, across the board, what they do in a number of states — and that’s arm the teachers.”

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Poor Dana, the kids only heard their classmates and friends scream as they bleed out on the floor and the sound of bullets breaking skin and walls, but she experienced the REAL trauma of not being listen to.....