Fox & Friends Falsely Claim That “Many” Migrant Children Join MS-13

Host Brian Kilmeade went on to say that "you don't have to vilify somebody, you have to solve the issue".

One of the dangers in allowing immigrant children to remain in the United States, according to Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade, is that many “turn into MS-13”.

Kilmeade said Tuesday that this is the direction most of the immigrant children in his neighborhood take, and it's something to consider as the U.S. anticipates taking in 30,000 children by the end of August.

From The Hill:

“We are $20 trillion in debt. We have classrooms that are overrun. We have teachers buying their own supplies. These kids come in — fantastic, Oprah Winfrey, I’m glad you’re upset about this,” Kilmeade said.

“But these kids get fanned out to working-class neighborhoods into our society. And then they have to be paid for by English is a second language. And then they got to be schooled and a lot of them, sadly, in my neighborhood, turn into MS-13,” he added.

Kilmeade immediately went on to say, “These kids are coming across — you don't have to vilify somebody, you have to solve the issue.”

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