Fox & Friends Edits Loud Booing Out Of Video Showing Trump At World Series

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks/Public Domain


A Fox & Friends segment covering last night's World Series game conveniently left out audio of Trump getting booed.

While there surely were some people at Sunday night’s World Series game who were pleased to see President Donald Trump, the crowd gave a clearly negative reaction to his appearance, as documented by numerous videos of the event.

Boos and chants of “Lock him up” could be heard in footage of the baseball game, but Fox & Friends was determined to make sure its viewers didn’t know.

In a clip from Monday morning’s show, highlighted by Media Matters, Fox’s Jillian Mele notes that Trump received a “mixed reaction” from the crowd — but the accompanying video of the president and first lady offers not a hint of the crowd’s negative response.

“They were greeted with mixed reaction but they were out there smiling, waving to everybody as you can see in the crowd,” Mele said, quickly moving on. “So that's what happened right around game time, let's take you into the top of the second inning right now and show you some of that action.”

The audio clearly involves no boos.

Watch this clip of the crowd’s reaction, and then head over to Media Matters to see if you can spot the difference.


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