Fox Contributor Suggests President Trump Is A Traitor To The United States

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Juan Williams said if President Obama had done what Trump did, Republicans would call for him to be hanged.

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams suggested on Tuesday that President Donald Trump has committed treason during an argument among co-hosts of The Five, according to Newsweek.

Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters attacked the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s alleged misdeeds regarding U.S. military aid to Ukraine and investigations he sought into his political rivals, insisting that Democrats have no case.

"You need to look at impeachment as a junkie dancing on a street corner in his underwear," Gutfeld said, earning laughs from the panel. "It's their experience, it's not yours. It's what they're living but it's not yours. So, the media strategy is preventive intervention."

But Williams disagreed and accused Republicans of behaving hypocritically.

"What we've got here is an effort, and Greg I think reflects this, which is to say to the American people, 'Forget about this. This is a bore. It's not interesting... this is not even Clinton and sex,'" said Williams. "But this is much more important.”

He continued: "Right now, the Republican strategy is to say 'Yes, there's a mountain of evidence, but don't look! Look at the rainbows, look at the rainbows in every direction!' It's tribal blindness. Because if this was Obama, if this was Hillary Clinton, they would say, 'Hang him from the highest tree, this is treason.'"

Williams also said that the president’s attempts to discredit impeachment witnesses as “never Trumpers” who previously worked for him — a move many of Trump’s GOP allies have copied — is absurd and said it is merely a distraction.

On Wednesday, the House began conducting public impeachment hearings, with acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent offering testimony on the Hill.

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