Fox Contributor: Medicare For All Will Turn Americans Into "Serfs For The State"

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube


Tammy Bruce told Fox host Stuart Varney that universal healthcare would make Americans bound to serve the state.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce said this week that Medicare for All would turn American citizens into “serfs for the state,” while discussing Democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan.

The notion of universal healthcare is a “nonstarter,” Bruce said, adding that it is “preposterous” and “an absurd dynamic.”

“It recasts [Warren] as somebody who is not serious,” she said. “You might as well just pour gasoline on us and light a freaking match. Just burn us up.”

Bruce went on to explain the absurd dynamic Warren’s healthcare plan would pose: “It creates a dynamic financially where American citizens will become serfs of the state. It is impossible.”

Warren’s proposal includes plenty of promises and statements, Bruce said, but in reality “it’s a fantasy.”

“It is made up in her head, and it is an absurd dynamic, financially and otherwise,” she said in conclusion, reassuring viewers that if they find the idea of universal healthcare “preposterous,” they are correct.

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