Fox Contributor: It’s A Lie That Racism Is A Major Problem In America

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Fox News contributor Larry Elder told Fox & Friends this week that “it is a lie” that “racism remains a major problem in America,” offering in part black attorneys general and a black president as proof that racism today is a figment of the the left’s imagination.

“It is a lie that racism remains a major problem in America, which is a mantra of the Democratic Party and of the left,” Elder began.

He pointed to a TIME/CNN poll in 1997 that surveyed American teenagers and found that while both black and white teens said they thought racism was still a major problem in the U.S., 89 percent of black teens said racism is a “minor or no problem in my own daily life.”

Put together with the fact that the U.S. has had “back-to-back black attorneys general...back-to-back black secretaries of state...and Obama in office” in the time since the poll, Elder concludes racism is less problematic today than it was then.



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