Fox Contributor: AOC Wants To Turn The U.S. Into A Nation Of Cannibals

Ideological revolutions "bedrocked in state power and not individual liberty [have] always been cannibalistic."

Democrats’ lurch toward an embrace of “state power” over “individual liberty” will result in a nation of cannibals, according to Fox News contributor Dan Bongino.

"Every revolution, ideological revolution in human history that's been bedrocked in state power and not individual liberty has always been cannibalistic," the conservative commentator said on Monday’s Fox & Friends.

Bongino’s comments came in response to co-host Brian Kilmeade’s assessment that members of the Democratic Party are turning on each other.

This happens, Bongino said, “because you’re never pure enough.”

“It always leaps from one extreme to the next,” he continued. “‘I want a 60 percent tax rate, I want an 80 percent tax rate — hell, I want everything!’”

It goes from desiring more immigration to full-on open borders, Bongino lamented.

“You are never pure enough in a state power revolution,” he concluded. “This thing is going to end very, very badly for the Democrats if they don’t get ahold of this quickly.”