Fox Compares Stock Market Performance After Cases Of Violence Against Black Men

Screengrab / @Acyn / Twitter


A Fox News graph compared how the stock market performed after historic cases of violence against black men.

Fox News’ Susan Li ran down a list of stock market performances in the wake of high-profile cases of police brutality and violence against black men over the past several decades, striking a particularly insensitive tone as much of the country remains outraged by George Floyd’s death.

Appearing on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier on Friday, Media Matters reports that Li said:

Stock markets hitting new highs despite the nationwide protests this week. Historically, there has been a disconnect between what investors focus on and what happens across the rest of the country, for instance in 1968, the week after the tragedy of Martin Luther King, the S&P 500 rose over 2%. Also up the week after Rodney King ruling and Wall Street trading on the reopening instead this year in 2020.

The graphic displayed during the segment showed the S&P’s percentage change one week following each tragic incident, which also included the deaths of Michael Brown and George Floyd.

Li then rolled right into comments on the latest jobs report and economists’ rosier-than-expected view of America’s recovery amid the pandemic.



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