“Fox And Friends” Strongly Implies That Asylum-Seekers Are Vectors For Disease

Brian KilmeadeCharlie Cowins / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

"They're not inoculated like we are.” Brian Kilmeade, “Fox and Friends”

Brian Kilmeade on “Fox and Friends” suggests that asylum-seekers bring disease into the United States, according to Media Matters.

On the show, Kilmeade discusses delays at the border on both sides due to clogged checkpoints.

He said:

“And if you hit the economy of these cities and states, many of which are in Trump districts that Democrats won this cycle, and you do nothing, this is no longer about the president and a wall that you don't want. This is now about the economy and a human catastrophe. And no one's going to point fingers, especially -- if you continue to understand what is happening inside these holding areas where these families are being kept. They're not -- they're being overwhelmed now. And you got to wonder from a health perspective how soon it's going to be until we hear about a catastrophe, and what they might be bringing across the border anyway because they're not inoculated like we are.”

Watch the video here.

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And yet you do nothing at all to stop the anti-vaxxer's in the USA? Measle epidemics in US State right now...