Fox And Friends: “Illegals” Wants To Murder Our Children And Steal Our Money

Ainsley Earhardt told viewers on Wednesday that Americans are paying for "illegals" to come and commit crimes in the US.

Hard-working Americans are spending their own money to pay for undocumented immigrants to come to the United States and commit atrocities against its citizens, according to Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Earhardt told viewers on Wednesday morning, following President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night speech on the need for a border wall, that they are “spending about $80,000 over the course of one of those illegals’ lifetime” and those immigrants are committing crimes.

Via The Daily Beast:

“You’re waking up this morning you’re trying to put food on the table, you’re going to work—many people go to jobs they don’t like—and then you look at the numbers,” said Earhardt. “You’re spending about $80,000 over the course of one of those illegals’ lifetime to keep them here in the United States. You’re paying for them, and you’re working hard to pay for them.”

She blamed undocumented immigrants for the illegal drug flow into the United States—which is largely through official ports of entry—and declared that they pose a danger to American children.

Earhardt pointed to the same examples Trump used in his primetime speech as evidence that undocumented immigrants pose a substantial threat to Americans’ safety:

The following morning, Earhardt invoked the same examples used by President Trump, including the story of Kate Steinle and slain California Officer Ronil Singh, who was allegedly killed by Paulo Virgen Mendoza, an undocumented immigrant. (Steinle’s accused killer was acquitted in December 2017, after a jury found that he had accidentally discharged a handgun he had found wrapped in cloth under a bench moments before.)

“The president highlighted the Air Force veteran in California who was raped and murdered and beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal alien,” said Earhardt. “He talked about the Georgia illegal alien that killed his neighbor—beheaded him and dismembered him.” Air Force contractor Marilyn Pharis was, in fact, killed by two men, including Victor Martinez, who was in the country illegally. The second man convicted in her death was a U.S. citizen.

Both Earhardt and Trump’s insistence that these examples show undocumented immigrants to be wildly dangerous is at odds with data showing that this demographic commits less crime than people born in the U.S.

A 2018 study from the libertarian Cato Institute found the arrest rate for undocumented immigrants in Texas, for example, “was 40 percent below that of native-born Americans.”

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