Fox And Friends Host Implies Atheism Is Responsible For Recent Mass Shootings

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"This is what happens when you have someone who doesn’t fear the Lord, who doesn’t fear God."

Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earnhardt blamed a spurt of recent mass shootings on the lack of fear in the lord.

“Evil goes back to the beginning of time. There have been evil people in every single government. This is what happens when you have someone who doesn’t fear the Lord, who doesn’t fear God. Who doesn’t, as Mike Huckabee was saying, who doesn’t value human life.”

Those same words could be used to describe Fox News favorite, President Donald Trump.

In 2018, Fox News published an op-ed by Anthony DeStephano that claimed atheists are, “the most arrogant, ignorant and dangerous people on earth.”

In the same op-ed, Destefano claimed that Atheists were responsible for more deaths and destruction than any other belief system in the world.

“The truth is, the atheist position is incapable of supporting any coherent system of morality other than ruthless social Darwinism. That’s why it has caused more deaths, murders and bloodshed than any other belief system in the history of the world.”

The network regularly peddles racist and exclusionary disinformation, anti-atheist propaganda is just part of their wheelhouse.

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If he was an atheist, wouldn't he have shot up a Republican rally or a church?

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It's really sad to see how misinformed FoxNews is, and how they intentionally mislead their target market. Not that they care much for reality, but, the reality is, most atheists are "humanists". Meaning that the value of human life is paramount, and takes a higher priority over everything. If you need proof of this, you only have to look up statistics on prison populations, and then look for statistics regarding what belief systems all inmates ascribe to. Atheists make up the smallest sliver of that population. Christians account for the overwhelming majority.


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